GemStone™ Trial and Reader

The links below provide a fully functional 30-day trial of GemStone, which allows you to open and analyze your own data files. After the 30-day trial, it becomes the GemStone Reader. The reader will open the provided sample data files as well as allow you to open and manipulate files created by the full-working version of GemStone.

We recommend that you try out the tutorials in the online user guide. These exercises will help you become familiar with GemStone’s analytical approach. You can read these before you download by looking at the GemStone User Guide online.

GemStone for Windows Trial and Reader
Version 2.0

   For Windows 7, Windows 10 and greater

Download this ZIP file to your hard disk and extract it in to the directory listed in the unzip window. Run GemStoneSetup.exe from that folder to install the trial version.

Click here to download the Windows version...

GemStone for Macintosh Trial and Reader
Version 2.0

   For MacOS 10.8.5 and greater

Download this file to your hard disk. Double-click the downloaded disk image file, and follow instructions shown to copy the program to your applications folder.

Click to download the MacOS version...