GemStone™ Trial and Reader Versions

Is GemStone 1.0 right for you? Click here to find out.

Ready to download?

Below you will find links for downloading a GemStone Trial. The trial version is a fully-functional version of the program that is unrestricted for 30 days. After the 30-day trial, it becomes the GemStone Reader. The reader will allow you to open and manipulate previously saved GemStone documents.

We recommend that you also download the sample files so that you can follow the tutorials in the online help. These short exercises will help you become familiar with GemStone’s analytical approach and will show you how to navigate to the user interface. If you want to build your own GemStone models, start with the Model Building tutorials. You can read these before you download by looking at the User Guide online.

GemStone for Windows Trial and Reader
Version 1.0

   For Windows XP and greater, including Windows 7 and Windows 8

Download this ZIP file to your hard disk and extract it in to the directory listed in the unzip window. Run Setup.exe from that folder to install the trial version. You should also download the Sample Files so that you can follow the tutorials. Extract them into a folder named "Sample Files" after you install GemStone.

Download the Windows version

Download the sample FCS files for tutorials

GemStone for Macintosh Trial and Reader
Version 1.0

   For OSX 10.4 and greater on Intel Macs.

Download this file to your hard disk, and extract the installer (your system will probably do this automatically). Run the GemStone Client Installer application to install the software on your computer.

Download the Mac OSX version

Download the sample FCS files for tutorials

Is GemStone 1.0 right for you?

GemStone is a completely different way to analyze flow cytometry data. It challenges us to think differently about our science. Traditional techniques for identifying populations of cells are pushed to the side in GemStone, replaced by a new set of tools with which most cytometrists have no experience.

The program is in its infancy. Here at Verity Software House, we have only begun to explore the vast number of applications for GemStone. Our primary goal with version 1.0 of the program is to build a library of models that can be used by others. This library will become an important resource for the GemStone community as it develops.

So, is GemStone right for you?

Are you a GemStone Model Builder or a GemStone Analyzer?

Early adopters of GemStone will need to build "models" or to use models that others have built. Version 1.0 of the program does not build models for you. To decide whether GemStone 1.0 is right for you, consider whether you are a Model Builder or a GemStone Analyzer.

    A Model Builder . . .
  • wants to create new models from scratch
  • enjoys "tinkering" with something until it's just right
  • enjoys the challenge of learning a new tool, if it's a better tool for the job
    A GemStone Analyzer . . .
  • wants to analyze data with existing GemStone models
  • likes things that just work, no fussing with settings and adjustments
  • wants to use GemStone for proven applications

If you are a Model Builder type, GemStone 1.0 is a perfect match for you. It's a great toolkit, and you can be involved in creating models that will be used and appreciated by many.

If you are a GemStone Analyzer type, GemStone 1.0 might be for you. If you are collaborating with someone who is a Model Builder type: yes. Your collaborator will create the model and tweak it, and you'll put it to use. However, if there is no model currently available from Verity or others, you might wait until the model becomes available. The support team at Verity Software House can help you find out if a model is available, and in some cases, we may be interested in working with you to build a model for your application!

We expect that as the program evolves, we'll learn ways to simplify or automate the model-building process. When we reach that stage, the differences between Model Builders and GemStone Analyzers will become less important. After all, the goal is to make GemStone the tool that everyone uses for flow cytometry data analysis!

Want to learn more?

We are offering regular training classes for folks who want to become GemStone model builders. These 2-day sessions are a lot of fun and give you an in-depth understanding of how to build models for your data. Contact for details and scheduling.

We are also updating our GemStone videos on a regular basis to show all kinds of features in the program. We'll add these videos to our online video library as well as youtube.