Cytometry Courses

The Annual Course in Cytometry has been given every year since around 1979. The origins of the course started at the University of Rochester under the direction of Dr. Paul Horan and Dr. Kathy Muirhead. Since then, the course has moved around and evolved considerably. Cytometry Educational Associates, Inc., a non-profit umbrella organization, now coordinates the efforts of several local organizing groups.

In 1984 it was decided that two separate types of courses were needed to better serve the cytometry community: a research applications course, primarily targeted at research and cutting edge types of applications; and a clinical applications course, generally focused on more clinical types of applications. Although there is much overlap between these two types of courses, the course organizers generally pick topics that conform to this distinction.

The research course is alternately hosted by Verity Software House and a site in the western half of the US. Normally the research course is offered in June.

The clinical course has been offered in the past by several institutions, including Northwestern University in Chicago, Roswell Park in New York, University of Pittsburgh, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

At any of these courses, participants receive a valuable notebook that is full of important up-to-date information. All courses involve numerous lectures and relevant laboratories. Most major cytometry manufacturers provide equipment, reagents, materials and personnel for the hands-on laboratories.

To decide which course is for you, we suggest you look at the topics normally covered by the course and perhaps contact the appropriate course organizer.

Annual Course in Cytometry

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