What's New

New application examples are available!
There is a new ModFit LT application example showing how the cell cycle of yeast can be modeled. Download it here.

Our webinar on Merging Files and Cen-se' Analysis in WinList is available for viewing on the WinList page and our YouTube channel. There is also a WinList bundle to go along with the webinar available on the application examples page.

Announcing WinList 10.0 for Windows!
We have just dropped the latest update for WinList, with enhancements to make your experience even more productive. WinList 10 includes the Cen-se' dimensionality reduction to explore the populations in your samples. N-Color™ compensation has been tuned-up for high-dimensional data from Fluidigm, Cytek, and BD. Reports draw much faster and without interrupting your workflow. We've improved sticky regions and contour regions and beefed-up the ability to work with very large data files. And our great pricing is still well ahead of the competition! Find out more...

New videos for WinList
If you've been looking for videos to explain Cen-se, contour regions, or N-Color compensation in WinList, we can point you in the right direction. We've added 3 new WinList videos this month to get you off on the right foot. You'll find them on the WinList page.

GemStone 2.0 for Windows or Mac
We've completely upgraded the user experience with friendly wizards, clean pages, and beautiful graphics. Setting up objective, automated analysis is a breeze - you'll never want to go back to gating. Cen-se' plots work hand in hand with GemStone's probability state modeling to identify and label cell types and subsets. And right now we've got special limited-time pricing, so don't delay! Find out more...

Congrats to our friends at Fluidigm for winning the Life Science Industry Awards Best New Product - Cell Biology for the Maxpar Direct Immune Profiling System! The system includes Maxpar Pathsetter software, a customized version of GemStone optimized for the kit, providing a turnkey solution for high-dimensional mass-cytometry analysis.


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