V-Comp is a fully-automated fluorescence compensation utility. Wizard-driven and easy to use, V-Comp is designed to fit seamlessly into your routine lab work-flow. Run your controls, acquire your data, drop your files into V-Comp for compensation, and move on to analysis with your favorite tools.

V-Comp creates accurate and consistent compensation without requiring gating of positive or negative populations or other subjective decisions. Quality control reports are saved automatically, providing you with an audit trail and confidence in your results.

V-Comp: exquisite, frustration-free compensation for any number of markers. Try it!

Windows Win 7, Win 10+    MacOS MacOS 10.8.5+


  • Automatic

    Objective, data-driven compensation with no gating

    no gating
  • Wizard-driven setups

    Easy setup for any number of panels, fluors, instruments

  • Drag-Drop-Go processing

    Drop your files, click, done

  • PC and Mac support

    Pick the version for your favorite OS

    pc and mac
  • Comprehensive reports

    For setups and exports

  • Broad support

    Process data from most popular cytometers

    • Beckman Coulter
    • Sony - including spectral analyzers
    • Miltenyi and Attune
    • And More...

More Info

V-Comp is easy.

Multi-color compensation is quick and easy with V-Comp. A wizard guides you through all steps of the process. All you do is name your setup, drag and drop your single color control files and your unstained control, select the parameters to compensate, and click finish. V-Comp automatically calculates the compensation matrix and generates a quality control report. Drag and drop your data files to be compensated, tell V-Comp where you want them to be saved, and V-Comp does the rest. You get another quality report assuring you that the export was successful.

V-Comp is accurate.

V-Comp detects and eliminates areas of drift or instability in your control files and uses the events that will give you the most accurate compensation. If your controls are invalid, V-Comp will alert you to rerun them before you spend unnecessary time applying inadequate compensation.

V-Comp does not alter your original data files. Files exported from V-Comp are tagged with "v-comp" and a CRC. The CRC tag can be used to verify that the data file has not been corrupted.

V-Comp reduces frustration.

Would you like to take advantage of a higher number of markers in your panels but hesitate due to the increasing complexity in the compensation? V-Comp can help.

V-Comp can handle any number of markers with the same ease of use. Batch processing of data files automatically compensates and saves new data files without having to export them one at a time.

V-Comp is consistent.

Reproducibility equals confidence. With V-Comp your compensation results are reproducible for all users with the same set up. Period.

V-Comp is objective.

We all want our data to be the best it can be, especially when quantifying rare events or comparing drug treatments. The robust algorithms in V-Comp make use of the unstained controls and the single stained controls to determine the positive and negative populations without the subjectivity that gating introduces. Whether you use beads or cellular controls, V-Comp is able to detect and account for autofluorescent populations and un-mix them appropriately.

V-Comp is offered in PC and Mac versions.

V-Comp has been rigorously tested on both platforms. Same price, same ease of use. Pick your favorite!

Research and Compliance Modes

With V-Comp you have a choice - Research and Compliance modes - for one price.

V-Comp was developed and tested to satisfy rigorous requirements, so you can have confidence in its use.

If you need to demonstrate compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 or similar regulations, you will want your IT staff to set up V-Comp to run in Compliance mode. In Compliance mode, V-Comp leverages the security features of your computer OS and requires a user to have permission for authorized access. All usage is logged with time stamps, giving you an audit trail of activity.

V-Comp also generates and saves quality control reports detailing the results of your compensation. The Setup Report provides you with quantitative evidence that your controls are adequate and valid. The Export Report alerts you if there are any errors or mismatches between your controls and data files, giving you peace of mind. V-Comp reports help provide the supportive documentation you need for certification or any auditing in your lab.

For research users, you get the same intuitive interface, quality reports, and all the benefits built into V-Comp. And you get the added value of the rigorous design and testing standards that went into supporting Compliance mode.

Why V-Comp?

Yes - there are many ways to do compensation, why do we need another one? Simply put, because it’s not perfect yet. But let’s hear what Bruce Bagwell has to say about why he decided to write V-Comp.

"As I modeled flow cytometry data with GemStone all kinds of questions continued to come up about compensation. I saw inconsistencies in data that had been compensated, and I realized that the industry had not yet solved this problem - we still had room for improvement."

"This is especially true when using cellular controls instead of beads. Cellular controls are more complex and have multiple populations to account for, making it much more difficult to automate the compensation process. Since automated, objective analysis has been my focus since writing ModFit, I decided to turn my attention to writing a program that would be easy to use, objective, accurate, and also work for high-dimensional data."

"V-Comp is a step in the direction of optimizing data analysis to make it more meaningful. In V-Comp we have the benefit of looking at unstained controls and using the information therein to compare to the single color controls, increasing the accuracy of the compensation. I also wanted to create a low-cost utility that labs could use to improve their efficiency and conserve resources. V-Comp is a tool for everyone who does multi-color cytometry."