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Verity Software House

We are committed to providing the finest flow cytometry analysis software for the international flow community, with products for DNA analysis, immunophenotyping, fluorescence compensation, and more.


What's New

WinList 9.0 is here and it's the best WinList yet!
We've added great new enhancements like integrated t-SNE clustering and sticky regions to super-charge your analysis. And we've got great pricing on primary licenses, additional seats, and updates. Details here.

Announcing V-Comp 1.0 for Mac and PC!
Yes, at long last you have a cross-platform, automated solution to your fluorescence compensation problems. No gates, no fuss - just the best compensation ever at a price that will make you smile. Check it out.

Two important new papers have just been published online by members of the VSH team. Check out the Publications page for links to them online.

Buying online just got even better. Not only do you get an instant download, but you also save the costs of shipping and media! Still want a program CD? No problem. You can purchase the media for your favorite apps by contacting us at .


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