Free Software

Trial versions are available for all Verity software. Look in the software tab to find out more.

GemStone™ Reader

GemStone™ Reader allows anyone to read GemStone™ files without using a license. It comes with a 30 day free trial of the full version of GemStone™.


TestDNA is a utility that generates FCS histograms of cell cycle data with known component values.  Using its batch mode you can generate thousands of histogram files with the click of a button.

Flow Cytometer Simulator

This application provides a simulation of a working flow cytometer.  It was developed to illustrate issues with color compensation, but also provides insight into many other attributes of flow cytometers.

FCS File Mixer

This application provides allows you to merge 2 or more FCS listmode files into a new, "mixed" file. Revised 11-Jul-2012.